DJ Mesh

Versatile New York DJ - House, Techno, Rock and Roll, Disco and beyond...
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Dance Floor Destroyer DJ Mesh


Mesh has been an in demand DJ for over two decades. He has played at every major nightclub in his home base of New York City, and frequently travels for events around the globe with a flightcase full of records.
As a strictly all-vinyl DJ, and music enthusiast, DJ Mesh has compiled an extensive record collection. Having a passion for many genres of music, his DJ sets showcase his skills ranging from house to hip-hop, italo-disco to pschedelic rock. His profound knowledge of music has been noticed by multiple industries. He has curated music for feature films and television, as well as being a music supervisor for numerous top fashion designers such as Diesel, Cartier, and John Varvatos.

Amongst his presence behind the turntables, or in his recording studio, Mesh shares an interest for the arts and astronomy. Moreover, he lends his voice to voice-over productions and guests on a variety of radio shows… But most importantly, he gets the dancefloors attention!